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​Nalu Relaxation Massage
60/90 min.

Relaxation massage helps to relieve and remove stress and tension from your body and leaves you with an absolute sense of wellbeing. It increases your blood circulation, improves range of motions and encourages your body to get rid of toxins. This treatment focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, chest and legs, by using massage techniques such as deep, long strokes, petrissage and kneading.
For half an hour extra your feet, arms, hands, face and head, or also your belly are being massaged. After the intensive treatment you will feel like a new person, your body and mind will be profoundly relaxed and you will have new strength, energy, balance and radiant skin.

Chair Massage       15/20/30 min.
Amma chair massage is based on pressure point massage. By putting pressure on energy points, it improves your immune system; stimulates circulation and reduces stress. This massage covers your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands while you are fully clothed, seated on a comfortable ergonomic chair. Although the treatment duration is relatively short, the beneficial short-term effects will be far-reaching, and making this treatment ideal for employees at work. It increases performance and productivity.

Deep Tissue Massage   

30/45 min.
Deep tissue massage uses strong, slow massage techniques. By working deeper in the muscle, tendons and fascia, this massage aims to target knots and release chronic muscle tension. This will result in an improved body posture and energy flow, releasing stress. You will feel the sense of a work out.

Back Massage    

30/45/60 min.
Back massage focuses on the whole back, neck and shoulders, where very often tensions, pain or soreness occurs. By using massage techniques starting from the lower back and moving upwards, tight muscles will be worked caused by stress, intense sport practice, repetitive movement or bad posture. This treatment relieves tension in tired muscles, improves a range of motions and good posture.

Foot Massage    

30/45/60 min.​
Foot massage is based on Balinese foot and lower leg massage. It is a very relaxing and energetic treatment. It uniquely blends in meridian and reflex therapy, ensuring that all our body systems are stimulated. This massage activates the natural healing process; and the blood and energy flow throughout your whole body. If you are suffering from heavy legs, after this massage you literally will be walking on clouds…

Samudra Massage®   

60 min.
Samudra is Sanskrit for ocean and literally means “gathering together of waters”. The massage techniques reflect the rhythm and movement of soothing ocean waves. Samudra is inspired by the Hawaiian lomi Lomi massage, you feel as if you are receiving a dance ritual on your body. The forearms and elbows are mainly used as part of this deep, relaxing and yet energizing massage.

Traditional Balinese Massage   60 min.
Balinese massage combines different therapies such as massage, acupressure and reflexology. The combination of the techniques benefits the body by assisting in circulation, by unblocking the body’s natural flow, and by pressure point activation. This massage will synchronize your body and mind leaving you to savor the pure experience of wellbeing and its afterglow.

Traditional Balinese Reflexology   60 min.
Reflexology is based on acupressure points, on the principle that the reflex points on the feet correspond to each organ, gland and structure in the body. A gentle massage of the nerve endings of the feet stimulates the body's healing power, boosts the immune system and reduces tension. All reflex points are being worked to bring the body back into balance, and will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.

Enrolment of a massage at home

Nalu massages comes to your place with a massage table. Make sure you have enough space to put the table; outside sheltered from the sun or inside in a room where it is warm enough so you won't get cold during the massage.

You can keep your underwear on during the massage, you will be properly covered with a sarong or towels, except for the area being massaged.


The massages are professional and non-therapeutic.


Be careful with the sun after a massage, the oils do not protect you from the sun (no UV protection).


Drink plenty of water after each treatment, this will help you to prevent muscle dehydration and will help your body to eliminate the toxins being released during the massage.

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